Kinetic Sculpture

Ideas need to be tole and creative women need to be supported ?!

We present you our first kinetic creatures.

3D tree flower and Mural of flowers that INTERACT with the environment and / or viewers.

Blending design and technology with art and nature, is it technically possible?

We think so!

Kinetic technology is based on Arduino programming, control hardware, sensors and servos, etc.

 My creative studio and ANDREA, a student of the last EUDI course, joined our knowledge for the development of this project.

Our philosophy is a synergy between ART, Technology and Nature seen and felt through the female gaze.

It is a basic prototype and if you or your company or any institution would be interested in being part of and / or supporting this project, we welcome you and invite you to know the project in detail.

Some of the possible cultural and / or commercial applications.

1. The interactive experience that generates the “wow” effect and at the same time meditative with the appeal for the public of all ages.

2. Ability to generate extra tourist interest to your space.

3. Motivate young women in the ICT / STEM field.

4. Possibility of adding a differentiating factor to the brand by expanding its target audience.